Digital Physical Dream Team

we are?

A unique ecosystem where companies and public entities can reimagine their costumer journey and digital experience, from brief to execution. The power of evolution, the excitement of creating something new, connecting separate worlds, developing a meaningful interaction followed by a dramatic change in the way we experience our surrounding.
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What we do?

We create meaningful digital experiences across physical spaces. There is no online and offline anymore. Whether you’re offering a product, a job opportunity, a service or a visitor's attraction, what you’re really offering is an experience — and your clients increasingly expect these experiences to be integrated, relevant and meaningful.

How we do it?

Walking side by side with our clients - we are committed to helping our clients set goals, plan and transform their physical touchpoints into powerful digital engagement tools. On the way to a meaningful digital experience, our process includes three main stages:

Big or small, great projects always begin with asking questions, understanding the use cases and setting the objectives for the project. Lead by our creative team, during this process we will extensively research to acquire deep understanding of our client’s brand, market and needs. With deeper understanding and meaningful insights, we will develop and design a creative concept presentation, going through the digital touchpoints, content strategy and technologies to best answer the client's goals and needs.


With the chosen concept, now it's time for our studio to create the project's design elements, produce content and integrate the technologies and software solutions to bring the conceptual vision to reality. At this stage we will be using live 3D simulation of the project to collaborate with our clients and present the design progress to decision makers.


After all the hard work, now it`s time to play! With all digital touchpoints, screens and communication installed by our technical team, we will program and run all the content scenarios and deliver the full project. Finally, we are here to provide support and maintenance when needed.